Sunday, March 15, 2009

Greetings from Kanazawa

I always say I love to live in Japan. Actually I should say I love Tokyo. I like big city life, to be precise. This doesn’t mean, of course, that I can’t appreciate the beauty of small cities. One of the places I haven’t visited yet but I’m definitely planning to is Kanazawa, a city on the west coast that is famous for Kenrokuen, considered by the Japanese one of the three best gardens in the whole archipelago. For the time being, I can now travel vicariously to this town thanks to mail artist and master photographer Mark Hammond who has just self-published Kanazawa in Black and White, a delightful collection of his b/w pictures that capture his adopted hometown in all his subdued charm.

Evenly divided according to the four seasons, these beautifully printed photos show you a side of Japan that people living abroad rarely get to see. This is a must for both photography buffs and people who are interested in all things Japanese.
$15 postpaid/Digest/40 pgs.
Mark Hammond, Teramachi 2-11-34, Kanazawa-shi, 921-8033 Ishikawa-ken, Japan


Mark Hammond said...

Hey hey!

Thanks for the review.

Sales are going well, as I was able to get the book in the Kanazawa 21st Century Museum of Modern Art gift shop.

Hopefully I will start to turn a profit in about 2 years!

Mark Hammond

Jesse said...

Love the photos. there's a joke in what i do that clients can have any 2 from 'good, fast, or cheap'.

it's interesting to wonder if he is out there each day, looking for these images. i suppose so.

the going rate on mastery is 'daily for a decade' :-)

fluxus said...