Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pen pals anyone?

John Adams is a good friend of mine who is doing time in Texas. Those of you who know my zines and/or have been following this blog know that he has contributed to a couple of them.
If you are looking for nice, long and thought provoking letters from an intelligent former zine maker, please write to him. You won't be disappointed. Here’s John’s self introduction:


Incredibly interesting Zen master who is a world class portrait artist, compelling writer and a nice guy, seeks pen pals.
Okay okay okay, maybe I'm not incredibly interesting, but I too have a story. And while I'm not exactly a Zen master, I do meditate and am absolutely a master of leisure.
I am a nice guy though. Really!
I'm also a hostage in prison, which makes me the best pen pal you'll ever find.
Share your prose, please:

John Q Adams 768543
810 FM 2821 Rd. W
TX 77349
Please send him your zines and especially your letters, but do not add anything strange (e.g. stickers or other stuff on the envelope) as everything gets censored, blocked and sent back.
Thank you


helo win said...
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Jiten Mallik said...
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Amanda Murray said...

Dear Mark
Apologies for contacting you out of the blue.
I was searching the internet for an old family friend Mr Funaoka of Tomoe Engineering when I noticed your blog The Hammonds of Kanazawa about your great friendship.
I would very much like to send him the sad news of the passing of my father Captain Bruce Murray who passed away on July 9th this year.
I wonder I might impose and ask you if you could let Mr Funaoka know. Bruce lived in Japan for some time in the 1960’s (when there were few Europeans there) working with Tomoe as he established the manufacture under licence of some of our machines. Bruce fell completely in love with the country, its culture and traditions and made several deep friendships with colleagues at Tomoe. Ursula (Bruce’s wife), Pippa and I (Bruce’s twin daughters) met Mr Funaoka some over 20 years ago on 2 trips to Tokyo and remember him warmly.
In his later years Bruce’s health was a little fragile so he was not able to maintain contact with some of the friends that he valued so highly.
Kind regards
Amanda (

Amanda Murray said...

typo :

Carolyn Roberts said...

Hi there I will send him a Xmas card and letter from Sydney Australia ! Carolyn