Saturday, July 27, 2013

Anti-Civ Dictums

A few light years ago Sid Clark sent me this booklet. The first thing that struck me was the cover, as I immediately recognized the wonderfully weird art of recently deceased Al Blaster Ackermann. 

The zine itself, though, is equally good, at least if you are into angry rants against modern civilization and The Establishment. Sid's overall message is, 'All systems are sick. A misfit is the only way to be.'
There are many opinions inside I agree with and some I don't. For instance, Sid hates city living. As I've already mentioned elsewhere, I'm a townie at heart, and even though I see why Sid rejects urban life, I think I couldn't live but in a big city. This said, the best thing about this pamphlet is that it makes you stop and think about a lot of important things that we all too often take for granted.

28 pages, digest size, $1.00 or trade, from Sid Clark, PO Box 32, Morgantown WV 26507, USA + sidclark1953(at)


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Sid Clark said...

Wow! Thanks for the generous review, Gianni! Sorry to hear about Blaster Al's death. Happened in July? I'm guess I'm really out of the mail-art-scene loop. Just as well, I'm not an artist, just a chatterbox. Or like the poet said, being a chatterbox is "my way of being alone", ha ha!

C Mehrl Bennett said... is a link to a Blaster anthology that we published last year. This Ackerman image was a popular artistamp and is also featured as one of three of Ack's artistamps on the back cover, as well as making an appearance as one of Lost & Found Times ONLY color covers in the final double issue of it's 30 year reign of terror.

Sid Clark said...

Here's the original illustration by Lawrence Sterne Stevens:

Sid Clark said...

Here's a shorter URL for the L.S.Stevens illo: