Monday, August 09, 2010

The Tokyo Art Book Fair 2010

On July 30th - August 1st the good folks at Zine's Mate (a Tokyo gallery/shop that actually has almost nothing to do with zines) organised the second Art book Fair. If I bother to write about it here is simply because my good friend and mail artist Jennie Hinchcliff of Red Letter Day fame attended and was kind enough to include me in the guest list for the preview/party on July 29th.
I wasn't expecting anything truly special or particularly surprising and I wasn't disappointed in this respect: These people's idea of what an art book is supposed to look like is quite different from mine. I couldn't care less about all those slick publications. To me those are just common books whose content happens to be art-related.

Jennie of course shared my opinion. Among other things, she was also surprised by the tiny space each participant was allowed. Apparently it was back to school. Check those desks out!

The small room where Jennie was "relegated" actually was the wildest and most interesting. Her "neighbour" was a Japanese lady, Aya Muto, who lives in Los angeles and mostly works in America. Her picture zines are very elegant and poetic.

Useless to say, among all those people the real queen of the night was Jennie-chan.

If you want to read a longer & better story about the book fair you'll better check out Jennie's blog at
Are you interested in Aya Muto's zines? Her address is


Laura-Marie said...

Love it--great photos! So happy you posted again!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Great post. I really want to go to the fair this year.

May I send you something in the mail?? If so, how?

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